Going to try my luck at some constant sunshine and clear blue waters… a little pre-summer indulgence!!!

Have just arrived at one of the most beautiful islands in the world , St. Barthèlemy… affectionately known as St. Barth. This place is pretty close to paradise, and chock-a-block full of the rich and famous.
Although I am not a beach fanatic… and I am feeling a little guilty about not working (confessions of a workaholic), this is definitely what the doctor ordered!

Dying to discover some unique accessories or furnishings down here, which shouldn’t be too difficult, as the island is French and we all know the French are into “beautiful and creative.”

Here are some first impressions:

Car I rented : Mini Cooper is the chic way to tool around this island. Check me out feeling really cool.



Cottage I rented: lovely , clean and neat and spacious. Stylized in Caribbean French West Indian furnishings…A little bit generic, no “oo la la” , but basically , just fine. ( Would really love to move the furnishings around , and paint a few walls!)


Off tomorrow to mingle with the natives and hunt!!!

Ciao, ciao ’til Thursday!


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