I am on a ‘vacation search binge’. You have probably noticed it if you read my blog about Cartagena, Colombia. This happens to me every year around this time. However, The TREEHOTEL is my idea of a super-duper eco-vacation in a remote part of the world that you should definitely put on the Bucket List for places to experiences before you get too old.

The TREEHOTEL is located in Harads, Sweden , a small village in the north of Sweden. The experience combines a beautiful natural environment, with modern design and comfort, ecological considerations and a thrilling adventure. Imagine your suite is a uniquely designed tree house, designed by a leading¬† Scandinavian architect, with the latest in sustainability techniques incorporated into the design. From the floors to the electricity source,to combustion toilets ( must research these)….basically from A-Z, everything has been designed to minimize the impact on the environment.

The individual “treerooms”, are as diverse as could be, and are constructed to give comfort and yet respect the surrounding natural beauty. Having interesting names like ,“The Mirrorcube”, “The Bird’s Nest”, “The UFO”, “Blue Cone” and “The Cabin”, they are each unique and each one provides a phenomenal view of the forest and the Lule River. ¬† There are plans to have as many as 24 rooms eventually in the complex.




The decor inside is also custom designed, with a clean, Scandinavian aesthetic. Bleached wood interiors with white walls and white furnishings and rugs are true to this type of design, and add an appropriateness to the surroundings.Think up scaled cabin in the woods , up in the air, a la Swedish decor.





How about this…they even have a tree house sauna!¬† Large enough to hold four people, and with a surrounding deck to sit in the sun when the weather permits, what could be more delicious to experience in the midst of the winter.






There are plenty of wonderful and exciting things to do here…I’ve got my eye on the dog sled ride…but, if you don’t mind , I’ll save telling you about all of that until after I go. Okay, how many hands up on staying in a treeroom is really beyond cool?