A Fabulous New Gallery and Showroom in San Francisco: Jiun Ho de Jia

Recently one of  my favorite designers, Jiun Ho opened his first gallery and design studio in San Fransisco called Jiun Ho de Jia, or translated from the Chinese,”The House of Jiun Ho.”

Jiun Ho de Jia


I have been selling his beautiful furnishings to my clients for umpteen ( give or take a few) years. He is represented by Dennis Miller Associates at the New York Design Center in NYC…those of you who follow me know that the Dennis Miller showroom is numero uno in my book. (see post)/ (see post)

Jiun Ho de Jia

I recently spent some time at the Dennis Miller showroom talking with Jiun about one of my projects. Truth be told, Jiun is quite down to earth in spite of his huge success in the design industry and his personal interest in my project was amazing.

Our conversation got around to Jiun Ho de Jiain San Fransisco, and he whipped out the ole iPad  to show me different pictures of the glorious pieces displayed

Jiun Ho de Jia

there and the overall design of the space. It really looks divine! I was totally smitten and needed to learn more.

Situated in the center of the SOMA district the showroom/gallery is an old 11,000 sq.ft. warehouse converted into a spectacular showcase for Jiun Ho and his personal collection of furnishings, art and antiques from his travels around the world.

Jiun de Jia Showroom

The architecture and design is definitely industrial  with a soft Eastern bent. With custom metalwork and soaring ceilings, exposed beams and exquisite woodworking and cabinetry the showroom emulates Jiun’s good taste and grand style.

In a deference to Jiun’s fascination for food and world cuisine, he  installed a state of the art Gaggenau kitchen. Then he allocatedpart of the space to a wine and beer bar for guests and for potential special events.

Rodney Smith Photography at Jiun de Jia

There will also be rotating art and craft exhibitions. Presently the photographs of Rodney Smith are on exhibit and they are fabuloso! They are full of whimsey and sophisticated commentary on life today in this wild and crazy world.

Ulu Table by Jiun Ho

AND if you cannot get on a plane and hop out there and want to see some of this work, just go to the web site, take a peek, and purchase whatever your heart desires!

For those of you on the east coast, who need immediate gratification, and aren’t heading out to San Fransisco in the near future, just hop on over to Dennis Miller and you will get the opportunity to savor the select elegance and chicness of Jiun Ho‘s regular collection up front and central in a big way.

It’s definitely worth the trip just to see the extraordinary aesthetic of Jiun Ho. I know that you will become a devotee to his furnishings and style just like me.