There’s a fairly new antiques show…this is the second year for the event…in New York City which opens today at the Park Avenue Armory.  This show is a serious antiques show and is

packed with highly respected and vetted antiques dealers from across America. The name of the show is THE SPRING SHOW NYC, and. according  to the press on the show, you will be able to find the following:

Axel Salto Stoneware , 1940’s / Jason Jacques

“Showcasing the very best in: English, Continental and American Furniture, Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture, Ceramics, Glass and Decorative Arts; Asian Works of Art; Folk Art;   Century Decorative Arts; Aesthetic Movement and Arts & Crafts Furniture; Prints, Photographs, Maps, Posters and Wallpaper; Antiquities and Ancient Objects; Silver and Metalwork; Nautical Art and Objects; Jewelry; Garden Ornament; Books, Manuscripts and Autographs; Chinese Export  Porcelain and Decorative Arts; Native American and Tribal Art; Carpets and Rugs; Tapestries; Textiles and Needlework; Clocks.”

Roger Brown, “Looks Like Raw”, 1975 / Abby M. Taylor Fine Art

That’s a pretty extensive range of antiques, and I imagine you will be treated to delightful examples in each and every category. Every one in town is glad to meet a “new kid on the block,” and I am sure it will be quite successful.  The show is sponsored by ISTDIBS.COM…they are just everywhere this season!…and the proceeds will benefit the ASPCA.  There will, of course, be a series of wonderful lectures, which is always the best  way to learn about antiques, and even an evening associated with ARTS’ NIGHT OUT, an organization composed of twenty- and thirty-something art enthusiasts. Looks like they have every thing covered!


I decided to visit two of the dealers that will be exhibiting at the show before hand and see if I could get some inside information on what they intend to display.  It is always a delight to speak directly with a dealer,  as they have so much information on each and every piece in their collections that it titillates the mind how they can remember each and every fact.  So, I set off last Friday on my mission and here’s the inside info on both of them.


Reiman Chair/ Mirrored Polished Stainless Steel by Craig Van Den Brulle



My first stop was at the shop of CRAIG VAN DEN BRULLE , which is located downtown and definitely has the prestige that comes along with that location.  His Riemann Chair has been the “poster child/furniture”  for ISTDIBS.COM and when you see it you will know why.  It is truly fabulous!  The store is filled with the most beautiful furnishings from the Twentieth Century and each and every one is in impeccable condition.  I was literally drooling over everything he had on display.  I asked him to tell me  about some of the pieces that will be in the show, so here you go:









Okay, now that I had my downtown-gorgeous-contemporary fix…which you know I just love…I hopped in a taxi and headed to the heart and soul of the upper East Side, Madison Avenue. A girl’s got to mix it up to keep it interesting for you, no?


Art Deco Chrysophrase and Onyx Link Sautoir Neckace in White & Yellow Gold/ Kentshire



My second stop was at the elegant jewelry shop called KENTSHIRE. Those of us who live in the city are quite familiar with the reputation for excellence that precedes KENTSHIRE. This store is an elegant jewel box itself, and when it comes to antique jewelry this is definitely a place you want to visit. The most surprising part of my visit was to learn that they not only carry antique jewelry, but they also represent some very talented contemporary jewelers, plus have an extensive collection of vintage costume jewelry. My two lovely hostesses were Ellen Israel and Marcie Imberman, who know everything about every thing in the store. They were exceedingly charming and informative and I want to share  some of the time I spent with them with you now:



By now you should be all revved up and ready to make the scene at the show.  I’ve been told that there will be something both for the museum collector as well as the neophyte. AND if you do not fall into either of those categories and want to see some of the most beautiful art, antiques and jewelry in the world, well, simply do not miss the event.  Who knows what the future may bring????