This is a story about one of the nicest things that has happened to me since I started writing my blog. I consider myself ultra lucky to have had many positive experiences with DEZIGNLICIOUS. Now I’d like to tell you a quick story about

a wonderful interaction with a talented jeweler from Indiana named ROXY LENTZ.

ROXY  wrote me several months ago after reading my post about the jewelry of DARCY MIRO (see DARCY MIRO: ORGANIC JEWELRY WITH A SCULPTURAL TWIST).  She loved the post and the jewelry and wanted to know if I would look at her jewelry, evaluate it, and get back to her with my opinions.

For the record, I am an avid jewelry lover/ buyer and actively participate  in a sensational show at the MUSEUM OF ARTS AND DESIGN called LOOT , which is held every year in the fall. She offered to send me a few samples of her work so I could see her designs up front and central.


 I had her jewelry in my office for several months and everyone that looked at  it adored it. She calls it “uncommon jewelry for independent women” and I just love that! The pieces are composed of recycled silver plate, brass and copper, which are frequently quite tarnished…those are her favorites…and that have  for one reason or another been tossed aside. She actually scavenges through metal trays, bowls, etc. at thrift shops and yard sales looking for just the right pieces for her work.This gives the jewelry a primitive look and makes each and every piece an original design.


Because I was so taken with ROXY’S trust in me I took her jewelry to a real expert on jewelry, my friend Bryna Pomp. Bryna has worked in every aspect of the jewelry business you can imagine and now works as an independent consultant to several jewelry companies. She knows just about everything there is to know about jewelry and I she was more than happy  to help me out.


I passed on her evaluation to ROXY along with her recommendation to contact a vendor here in New York City that might be interested in carrying her work. I certainly hope this opportunity happens for her!



I was sad to send everything back to her.  Just looking at it put a big smile on my face.  The Internet has certainly changed our world, and in this case it opened up a beautiful opportunity for me to interact with a fellow artist, make a new friend and get help from an old friend.


Oh, by the way, ROXY made me a pair of earrings that I wear all of the time and I always get great complements on them from my friends.  Nice to have this wonderful souvenir of a lovely experience in my dezign life.

AND if you want to go direct to the source, contact ROXY at dnrlentz@sbcglobal.net!