These are Japanese whisks made of bamboo. Note the shape and how each whisk flares out from a narrow tube of bamboo. These whisks are an integral part of the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony.These were  also the inspiration for HIROKI TAKADA of TAKADA DESIGN when he designed his handmade TEA CEREMONY CHAIR 2010.

I was at the MUSEUM OF ARTS AND DESIGN...aka MAD, a favorite haunt of mine…attending a meeting of the Acquisitions Committee, (of which I am a member) and  HIROKI TAKADA was invited to demonstrate how he constructs his chair. Totally made of bamboo it is A #1 sustainable! It was a fascinating demonstration!



The simplicity of the construction is marvelous. The basic materials are a bamboo seat and bamboo strips inserted into slots around the perimeter of the seat. The entire chair was completed in 30 minutes. I was fascinated by how the bamboo pieces could support the weight of a person sitting in the chair!

How fascinating it is that something so beautiful can be created so quickly and provide such a sense of awe and wonderment when utilized?


Now you know I had to try it out… And as I anticipated, there was a serenity and sense of privacy sitting inside it …rather womb-like I might say. And definitely high marks on comfort, as the flexibility and strength of the thin bamboo pieces embrace you when you lean back.

I see this chair in many different contemporary home environments … it is undoubtedly bound to be a statement maker and I bet a favorite of one and all. Plus…always remember the plus… the intrinsic artistic element is unbeatable and the underlying all important green factor can’t be forgotten.

HIROKI TAKADA’S pieces can be seen at MAD, and if you think this piece is creative, wait until you see some of his other designs!

Ciao, ciao ’til next time!