You are casually walking through Madison Park in downtown Manhattan and you suddenly see this  white marble dusted head that is 44 feet tall in the center of a grassy lawn…the impact is tremendous. This outstanding piece, titled “ECHO”, is the work of the Spanish artist, JAUME PLENSA. You MUST GO see it, as it is quite impressive and the emotion it evokes is otherwordly!



According to the Madison Square Park Conservancy, which is the organization  which commissioned the sculpture, it is the depiction of a nine-year old girl that lived in the same neighborhood in Barcelona as Plensa.  She is supposed to be lost in thought or perhaps lost in a deep trance.  By naming the sculpture “Echo” Plensa was intentionally making reference to a Greek myth, in which the talkative nymph Echo’s punishment was to repeat only the thoughts of others. Plensa’s sculpture of this young  girl’s face in a constant state of daydreaming and absorption makes you feel that she may be  calmly translating the thoughts of the many, many visitors viewing her daily in Madison Park.



I think this is what I love most about living in New york City, at every turn in the road there is something that astounds you for it’s beauty or creativity, and usually when you least expect it. As I said above, do not fail to take a quick walk past this marvelous work of art…especially since this outstanding sculpture is only on view until September 11! I am sure you will be blown away by it’s majesty and serenity, and hold it as a memory for a long time to come.




Ciao, ciao ’til next time!