At my stop last week in Los Angeles, my daughter-in-law, Jody, who works for the landscape architect, Mark Tessier , told me about one of the firm’s associates  named  Josh Rosen, aka “Airplantman.”   Now that’s

an unusual nickname, don’t you think?  A few answered questions later and I couldn’t wait to do some more research about “Airplantman” aka Josh Rosen, as I became completely intrigued with what he does.





Okay, first I need to make sure everyone knows what an air plant is:

DEFINITION OF AN AIR PLANT:  According to the Air Plant Supply Company web site, ” Air Plants, also known as Tillandsia or epiphytes, don’t require soil to grow, only moderate light and a good soak every week…very low maintenance.

Now this sounds like my kind of plant.  I like plants that kind of settle in to their environment and don’t demand constant attention. Basically, they are quite hardy and often have beautiful flowers that bloom in the center of their leaves. Think orchids and bromeliads, some of the more common air plants.





Rosen has a particular love for these unusual plants and has made a career out of designing different ways to show off and enjoy these exotic plants in homes and commercial spaces. His specialty is creating special containers or structures which provide unique display arrangements.






These arrangements are singularly beautiful and can add a new dimension to what you might consider “the garden.” AND please think inside or outside garden, as the structures and containers can be utilized in either location. Rosen has also come up with a simple mechanism for removing individual plants for watering when they are in one of his containers inside the house…outside the hose will obviously do the trick.






I adore the idea of integrating his wall hanging structures as a decorative feature in a house. Many years ago when my family had an apartment in Coconut Grove, Florida we had installed wooden slats on the main wall of the terrace and “planted” stag horn ferns all over it as a decorative wall garden. I always thought that was such a cool look.  Now with Rosen’s air plant structures I can duplicate that great look inside and outside, not only at my house but at my client’s homes as well.

Go Airplantman go!






Well, I certainly hope this inspires you to get involved with at least one or two air plants in your life, or take the plunge and purchase one of Rosen’s air plant structures and dive all the way into air plant heaven. I think a few air plants “hanging around” your house would be just the trick to reinvent the look of a favorite terrace, garden room or even the beloved kitchen!

Go Airplantman go…just couldn’t resist that!



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Ciao, ciao ’til next time!