One of my favorite pieces of furniture in a room is an ottoman, aka a pouf if we want to be a little fancy.  Trust me, some rooms are just  not complete without one!  It’s just the right finishing touch, or at least so in my dezign book. With that being said, you can imagine

how delighted I was when I found a bunch of new  ideas for what constitutes  “an ottoman”  on the internet that I thought were quite dezign provoking, if not down right fun and fabulous.


The Flot pouf from Casamania makes me think of ‘bring on the campfire, I’ve got the marshmallows,’ but I am sure that was the dezign concept behind this tower of poufs.  It truly is a great example of ingenuity meets simplicity in furniture design. Imagine a column of these perched against the wall in a playroom and how easy it would be to take it apart and add extra seating whenever necessary.

I hope you are not throwing away all of those wine corks after you finish drinking that wonderful bottle of pinot noir or pinot grigio because someone has found a way to reuse them and make what I think is a tickling funny ottoman.  Okay, so you need to be rather a free spirit to put something like this in your house, but I still think it is attractive, unusual and dezign worthy. Plus, what a great gift for that wine afficionado friend of yours!


And yet another ingenious use of natural materials for that summer cottage or beach house…heavy duty rope dyed in soft tones of yellows and coffees and then wrapped around and around to form an ottoman that is quite quirky, but charming.  I wonder if they can be used outdoors?



A knitted cover for an ottoman is another design I  noticed on many web sites.  This one I thought was the prettiest of them all. There is something about white that always sparkles and shines in a room unlike all other colors. Again, great in a guest room, beach house, large bathroom. AND I think it would be simply maravilloso done up in an over sized version, don’t you?



‘Cousin It’ has nothing on these shaggy dog ottomans.  Fun and playful, super-duper in a kid’s room or a playroom/ den. Once again, I vote for hug and over sized for great dezign impact.  Forget about that ‘less is more’ aesthetic when it comes to ottomans. Think Big and you will be right on track.



Sitting pretty like delicious cupcakes, these ottomans are simply charming and would probably double as low seating in a casual modern environment. They provide splashes of color which every room benefits from.  Think of them as colorful ‘floor pillows’ only much neater and quite a bit more chic.





I just had to include one non-upholstered version of an ottoman.  These colorful pieces are made of multicolored thin plastic wrapped around a very simple form, but would look verrrry cool around a  casual cocktail table as extra seating, or plopped in front of a modern chair as a foot rest.  I add ottomans in front of chairs whenever I can, as they add so much more comfort to the chair. As we all well know, people just  love to put their feet up whenever they can, especially when watching TV.



I shall end this treatise on ottomans with another one from Casamania called the Collerette. You can unroll the back and the arms and it turns into a blanket to cuddle under while you keep your feet in the base of the pouf!  Talk about creature comforts while watching TV in the winter. It also comes in hot colors which make it even more enticing.


Hope I opened up your mind to some new ideas from the world of ottomans.  BTW, nothing wrong with the old standard ottoman designs.  They are classic, useful and always stunning in my book. Oh, and here are a few more wild and wonderful ideas to consider: