One afternoon while down at Lobel Modern with some clients from California, searching for the wonderful stuff  with a great late Twentieth Century bend I usually find there, I suddenly I see these three ceramic ram heads hanging on the wall. They are huge and white and beautifully executed . Plus they have these super realistic eyes in them which I can’t decide whether they are weird or fanciful. I am instantly intrigued, and ask Evan Lobel, the owner, to give me the nitty gritty on them.

Here is the story…. Evan thinks they are from France, and were made in the 1970’s.  Each one is unique as they are hand-thrown. They are signed by the artist, but he has not been able to make out the signature…a little more mystery…although, he desperately wishes he could so he could research the provenance. The eyes are the most interesting. Each one of the heads has eyes that are unique, and super realistic.

And they are not small in size either.  I had Evan’s assistant bring one closer to me so I could examine it up front and personal.  Get a look at the size…big ( in a good way), huh?

I think they are really remarkable, and if I had the wall space I would purchase them tomorrow.  Evan told me that are actually candelabrum, and each one holds two candles. He showed me a picture with the candles in them, but I have to admit, I like them sans the candles. What do you think?

Okay, so chic comes in all sorts of packages, and, in this case, one gorgeous French ceramic ram head would do it for  me right now!