You just have to go! Or perhaps you went? And if you didn’t, please do so next year just for the design rush. It is held every spring over at the piers in New York City, and it’s like a three ring circus,  and then some . But I guarantee you’ll find lots of design goodies there, even though it doesn’t seem to be quite as selective as it used to be…and run into tons of people you know! I guess everybody today knows someone with a card saying they are in the trade. Oh well, life in the big city!!!!

And by the way, that’s me above in my DEZIGNLICIOUS t-shirt sitting in a luscious pink velvet chair from GRANGE… how appropriate …relaxing and watching the crowds stroll by!
Just to get the DEZIGNLICIOUS juices flowing here are my BEST PICKS from the show… what I think merited being in the “dezign keeper folder” for future projects.You can check them all out further on their web sites.



TUCKER ROBBINS BANGLE CHAIR…Love the “bangles” that make up the back of the chair, and the “feet” on the legs.  This is the ultimate example of the perfect small quirky chair with a dynamic personality!


Spiderman has nothing on this table!  This piece is called Tarantula Spider Table and it is all hand carved out of walnut wood by a talented artisan from California called MICHAEL WILSON. So unusual…a table and a sculpture all in one. Need to find a place for it in my own home ’cause I am loving it!


PALO SAMKO WALL CLOCKS : I want to have more than one of these on my wall!  How very clever…They look like cats hanging on the wall!  Maybe this beautiful clock will help cure me of my lateness problem?

I have always been a lover of unusual hand blown glass pieces and these vases are right up there in beauty and style.  They are produced by JARED DAVIS and are part of his SWEDISH BIRCH SERIES and made at their NORTH RIM GLASS STUDIO in Crawford, Colorado. They are truly, seriously stunning.


You have got to just love this retro design for the bathroom…right out of the 1950’s!  Okay, so it isn’t for everyone, but those who get it are probably having a great time in life!!!!  If you think this is just what you have been looking for , check out the BELLE AIRE series from  LEFROY BROOKS .

Some fabulous  pieces from DOBAN ARCHITECTURE’S THINK FABRICATE line of furniture. I usually don’t like furniture units designed by others,  as I love to design  my own for my clients.  However, I think these are particularly handsome, of great quality and well priced and worth checking into. PLUS adore the mixture of materials, something right up my alley!

GARY MAGAKIS : Gary is one of my favorite metal artists…his work is outstanding and unique.  Look forward to a future post on his artistry as I have recently been putting his pieces in many of my interiors projects. You can see his marvelous creations at SNYDERMAN GALLERY IN PHILADELPHIA.

PRINTEDART.COM: One of hundreds of beautiful photographs framed onto acrylic for a fantastic effect…great in any decor!



Okie-doke…that should fill up your schedule on the computer today!


Ciao, ciao ’til next time!