A Big Wonderful Debut on TV: My Interview for “The New Yorkers” Cable Show!




Did I ever tell you about my burning  desire to be on TV? I know at my age I should perhaps be thinking  my time has come and gone and spend my time watching TV instead of thinking about being on the small screen.  But what else is life built on other than dreams?

You all know that I have a successful interior design business in New York City , called SHIELDS & COMPANY INTERIORS. I have already been featured on the  LXTV Show, OPEN HOUSE NEW YORK, with my home in Fire Island and am due to be featured in a HGTV show, Bang For Your Buck this fall.  So when I got the call asking if I wanted to be interviewed for a late night cable spot called The New Yorkers, I said yessiree  in two seconds flat.

I happened to have a copy of the interview. The interview is a  reveal-all/tell-all about how I handle being an interior designer in New York City.  I think you might find it fun and interesting to listen to, and it will also give you some insight into the world of awild and wonderful interior designer.’

Here you go……



So what do you think?  Should I continue following my dreams, or simply take another day job!  Send those comments in folks…thumbs up or thumbs down…all are welcomed, I promise!