I have had a picture of Antoine Schapira’s ENGRAINED COMMODE at my desk for about 6 months thinking that I would write about it when I started DEZIGNLICIOUS.COM. I do that a lot, i.e., save pictures of furnishings I love without having any immediate project in mind for them. And it is THE BEST to discover these clippings later on! They give me such pleasure for some reason…it’s like giving myself an unexpected present.

Schapira’s commode  is extraordinarily exquisite. The piece is composed of drawers with engrained wood slices set in black resin. The main body is made of oak wood slats trimmed with steel cable. The image conjured up is a pile of wood stacked perfectly as if in some pristine woodpile. The top of the piece is cleft slate. The combination of materials is executed so beautifully that the end result is more Art Deco looking than rustic, despite the materials utilized to create this masterpiece .

Now that is talent!



Antoine Schapira’s work is available at GOOD DESIGN on Madison Avenue in New York City. As the review of his work  said when he had his first show here in the States, “He is not your run-of the-mill studio maker but a trained ébéniste from the elite École Boulle in Paris, and his interpretation of studio furniture is both elegant and high styled.”   His use of figured woods is unbelievably gorgeous! This definitely falls into the category of purchasing  one beautiful cabinet to make your room sing!  I am head-tailing over to GOOD DESIGN ASAP to see some of this original contemporary design up front and personal.

Here are a few of the his other pieces you can drool over, each one equally as beautiful as the Engrained Commode:




Ciao, ciao,’til next time!