If the above picture doesn’t get your dezign juices flowing than you need to re-evaluate your attitude toward contemporary design. I think the picture of the ANANA BENCH sitting next to the RIGUA FLOOR  LAMP says it all: the bench looks like some creature crawling along the floor with tiny legs, much like a caterpillar would, and the lamp is totally redefining what “floor lamp”  actually means. I just love it! Such is the design sense of AQUA CREATIONS LIGHTING AND FURNITURE ATELIER a company on the forefront of innovative designs.


The behind the scenes creative juices of these handcrafted furnishings and lighiting fixtures comes from the team of Ayala Serfaty and Albi Serfaty. No mass produced assembly lines here. Everything is still handmade, thereby  guaranteeing superior functionality and the appearance of a piece of art. The use of such marvelous materials like clay, hand-made Mohair felt,  silk ,and other soft pliable fabrics guarantees exceptional “out there dezign” and products that  that no one else is displaying in the marketplace.



One of the most outstanding facts about the company is that they have continued to incorporate advanced lighting technology in their manufacturing process so that they have remained at the forefront of sustainable design.  Here is a prime example of beautiful and artistic also being current  and right in step with the green trends in interior design…something we all have to be advocates of these days.











Their furniture and lighting make you think of sea creatures…hence the name AQUA CREATIONS…and there is a softness of light and form that is both sensual and seductive.  I have used their light products for many years with great success.  They are definitely eye stopping creations and everyone who sees them wants to know where I purchased them. I think they would be particularly creative in a sexy way…yes, rooms need sex appeal!..  in a very modern interior, which so frequently has  many hard edges and surfaces.  Any way, no one can argue with a little sex-appeal every once and awhile in a room, so I would intermix these fascinating creatures into wherever they seemed most comfortable!!!!


I also think the combination of something so modern and sculptural, as shown in the SATALA HAMMOCK and the FOREVER WALL SCONCE above, juxtaposed against a rough wood wall conveys a dezign message of the unexpected. IMPORTANT DEZIGN RULE: Furniture pieces and lighting fixtures do not need to match the style or period of the room. They can be equally comfortable in many different interiors if they have their own merit, much like a modern painting in a traditional home is a win-win all of the time, especially if it is painterly and well done.




I just want to show you a so, so very clever application of the CONTRARE WALL SCONCE…I think the dezign application is fabulous!




If you are not enamored with these yummy creatures by now, then I don’t know what to say.  Perhaps a few more pix of these lovely delights will convince you?


So my friends, think sea creatures, think organic forms, think soft and sensuous…think about incorporating an undulating light or piece of furniture from AQUA CREATIONS, and I guarantee you a rich and unusual addition to your home or office interior!

Ciao, ciao ’til next time!