Baccarat Coming To You Now From The D & D Building in NYC!

I can’t believe it. Did you know that the French company, BACCARAT, infamous for its high-end and upscaled crystal products opened up a showroom in the D&D Building in Manhattan devoted to their exclusive lighting products?  For me, as an interior designer, this is a significant moment in the world of dezign because

before you could turn around Tiffany would be there too!  Well, maybe not, but this is definitely an interesting…and exciting… sign of the dezign times!!!!


I had been invited to the Preview Party thrown by BACCARAT at the          D&D Building…everyone in delightful red hard hats…when I attended BLOGFEST 2012  (see post) last May, and I was totally taken aback at that moment too.  However, after digesting this very clever move by BACCARAT, I  began to think it’s one of the best things to happen at the D&D in a long time. Luxurious crystal lighting fixtures that knock your socks off with their beauty right at my dezigner finger tips to show to my clients, well I say  ‘hip hip hooray‘ for that!

No one can deny the elegance of a BACCARAT chandelier. AND walking into this wonderful modern showroom with it’s raw concrete floors and it’s sleek interior design just affirms this over and over. The showroom has a few stop you in your tracks chandeliers that merit going to look at even if you are not shopping for one of these outrageous ladies…lighting fixtures are always female to me!


The BIG show stopper is a 48″ Solstice Comète  rotating chandelier, playfully called “Marie Coquine,” and designed by the design guru Philippe Starck. This out of the box design  is a limited edition chandelier, suspended from a long arm cantilevered off of a metal tripod on wheels with an umbrella shade perched above the classic Zenith Chandelier and the wooden handle emerging below.  Now that’s definitely way out there! PLUS, the counterbalance to the chandelier is a real punching  bag!!!  Bravo for BACCARAT for pushing the envelope with this perfectly spectacular design by Starck!


There is also a seductively dark, dark navy blue classic crystal fixture called the Zenith Midnight Chandelier with dark denim lamp shades that is to die for, the color of the glass being just so outstanding and unique I couldn’t stop ooooing and ahhhing.


Another unusual and fabulous design is the Chandelier Sora, constructed of washi paper and crystal. Please do not ask me to repeat the price I was quoted, as this lovely is definitely for those with deep pockets, but do give a big round of applause to Eriko Horiki for the spectacular design.

If you thought BACCARAT was going to get lost in the shuffle of what’s in and what’s out in design trends you are most definitely mistaken. With a expansive new  collection of lighting designed by such luminaries as Philippe Starck, Aril Levy, Jaime Hayon, Michele de Lucchi, Henri Rivière,  Yann Kersalé, and Alain Moatti,  they have managed to cross over to the other side and combined their classic heritage with contemporary materials perfectly.