BAGS…BAGS…BAGS…we either have too many of them or not the right one!

In the mood to be light about dezign today, and you may or may not have seen these before. But, when I saw them on line I just flipped. They definitely espouse “dezignlicious” at its very best and wittiest.The humor alone would make me want to purchase something just so I could carry it home and see everyone’s reaction on the way. Then I would probably stash it in that place allocated to bags not worthy of being tossed in the garbage ( there is such a place), and maybe recycle it when giving a gift to a very special friend.¬†

I mean EVERYONE, or at least EVERY WOMAN , has a bit of a bag fetish, even if they are paper and plastic… And let’s not begin to discuss the real stuff, as I am also a prisoner of adoring and longing for every designer bag I see at Bergdorf Goodman or Barneys. Or wanting yet another tote or clutch or whatever. It’s a little absurd that you can probably never have enough bags, considering how men function so nicely without any or just with one itty bitty¬† man-bag. Wonder if the ‘need to tote/carry’ too much is genetic?

Anyway , take a peek at these terrifically funny bag concepts… If they don’t make you smile I would be quite surprised. AND if you want to see a whole bunch more or these clever bag designs check them out on

Ciao, ciao, ’til Monday!