I happen to walk past the Bernardaud flagship store on Park Avenue and 58th Street in New York City twice a day on my way to and from my office. It is always a pleasure to look in the windows and delight at the exquisite products.


So it was with much excitement that I accepted an invitation for a private tour of the store…including an introduction to the new Fall 2016 product collection..from the charming director of sales, Sophie Raubiet.


Bernardaud has been at the forefront of tableware design since 1900 when the company was created in France.  Today they still maintain the fine craftsmanship needed to create outstanding porcelain dishes and decorative items in the tradition created for the French kings by Limoges.


In an attempt to become more relevant in the contemporary world of home design and as a supplement to their extensive line of traditional pieces for the home, Bernardaud has taken their skills with porcelain and created an entirely modern and contemporary product line that is simply outstanding. Every year they introduce fantastic products and accessories for the home which are attributed to outstanding artists in the world.


The list of fine art pieces and artist designed dinnerware is both relevant and exciting.  I was highly impressed not only by the “A” list of artists involved with Bernardaud but in the beauty of their designs.  I had never realized how extensive their contemporary designs were. Just think of having the opportunity to not only purchase something for your home but to also have it designed and executed by a collectible artist.  That’s a huge plus plus! Take a look at this video and I think you will be duly impressed:

Not to walk out of the shop empty handed I personally purchased three of their votive luminettes to use in my apartment for a house tour taking place there in conjunction with the NY Junior League and several of the Charmille Diffusers to spread around the apartment. However, I do definitely have big plans to return for a Jeff Koons vase I fell madly in love with!



Ciao, ciao ’til next time!