As an interior designer, you spend a lot of time walking around the various design buildings available to the trade. If you are looking for the latest and the greatest or that new dezign kid on the block, then this is where you need to prowl.

My latest discovery was an introduction to Black Tie Home Decor , which I unexpectedly encountered at the JAB Anstoetz Showroom in NYC.


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JAB, in case you are unfamiliar with them, comes out of Germany and produces some of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL fabrics, including several cutting edge designs by  famous European designers.  Black Tie Home Decor is the dream company realized by Pier Luigi Frighetto of Italy.  What we have here is the dream marriage of two European companies combining their fabulous European aesthetic.


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You already know I am a real Italian furniture fan…from way, way back (see post). The Italians take the proverbial cake as far as I am concerned when it comes to furniture design…as well as a few other things I am not inclined to write about now at the moment!


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I also adore the way Italians mix ultra modern furnishings into traditional palazzos…I mean, you cannot imagine how many times I have utilized that vision to convince a client to understand what a fantastic dezign soup that can be.


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Black Tie  Home Decor has an exclusive line of sofas, chairs and ottomans, as well as a grouping of tables.  Their particular Italian aesthetic is playful to modern with a touch of romance thrown in to make the mix perfect.  Then combine this elegantly designed furniture with the top notch fabrics JAB has to offer and you have unbeatable stylishness.


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Frighetto has a high standard which he insists on maintaining for his products. First of all, everything is hand made, no mass produce sofas here.  AND he takes great pride in maintaining his sense of elegance, something that is easily lost in the mass marketing of furniture. As he aptly puts it, “I still believe this today – elegance has to be a way of thinking, long before it becomes an object.”



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What are my favorites in the line?  I’ve got to give big thumbs up to the Island  Sofa sectional with is subtly angled end…just love that touch…and the IsoTta chair with its cut out arms.  Plus, the Rondo Ottoman line feeds into my belief that every living room should have at least one extra ottoman floating around the cocktail/coffee table.  But, truly I think all of the pieces are sublime.


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The website has the whole collection, so you can easily check everything out.  However, for an up front and personal look at these beautifully constructed pieces go to the JAB showroom in the D & D Building… and then you can also go wild selecting one of the beautiful fabrics available for the furniture!  The Black Tie Home Decore collection will only be on the floor through July 2014,  so better put this on the “to-do list.”


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Oh,  BTW, do not forget to also check out the unique contemporary tables from Black Tie Home Decore. They would go simply marvelously with their upholstered pieces, or, for that matter, with many other sofas and chairs that may already be in your home.


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Ciao, ciao ’til next time!