I read about an English company, Quirico, many months ago, and recently came across photos I had saved of their superb furnishings. The exciting thing about their one / off pieces is that if you are fortunate enough to purchase one you should count your lucky stars. The sad thing is that if you fall in love with a  piece and don’t buy it immediately you will kick yourself for passing it up, because it is never happening again. The company takes mid-century modern pieces and recovers them in antique fabrics from  all over the ubiquitous “Silk Road”… Ubekistan, Kazakhstan,Tajikistan ( places we know so well today, but were merely names on a map not so long ago)… mixed with modern fabrics, making each piece an exciting new creation. The end result is not only charming and delightful, but unbeatable for great creative design.



In addition to these one of a kind “starlets”, the company has a regular line of just as beautiful pieces you can buy. The Makaranda pouffes are the winners for me.Tell me they don’t look edible?  I mean think cupcakes, right?



The pouffes…love that word , too!…are constructed out of a mixture of colorful  Suzani fabrics, which have both a  big smile and ‘gotta have’ factor. BTW,  Suzanis are embroidered and decorative tribal textiles…the word “suzan” actually means needle in Persian… and were traditionally made by brides as part of their doweries.


And they also make lovely  pillows…floor and sofa… out of a variety of fabrics. Picture a contemporary sofa done up in a solid fabric and then tossed with an assortment of these beauties…Dezign heaven!
Put on your ethnic sensibilities and take a really close look at these unique fabrics, and then I’m sure you’ll find a place in your home that is crying out for a small touch of color and oomph!!!


For those of you with a more conservative bent,and needing  just a tiny bit of zing in you life take a look at these two other pieces out of the Serenissima line, a combination of velvets and silk-road embroidery:

These beautiful furnishings certainly satisfy my idea of exotic and artisan , plus just a little bit of that needed dezign element “zsazs” …hope you agree!

Ciao  ciao ’til  Monday!