California Dreamin’: Therien Furniture

Los Angeles, as you might know from reading my past blogs (see post), is one of my very favorite haunts for great dezign.  Although there is the infamous Pacific Design Center…affectionately known

as “The Blue Whale,”… there are also numerous other dezign pockets where great stores, showrooms and antique stores are located and filled to the brim with serious stuff for your design projects.  Keep in mind, that with everything else in LA , you best have a car to tool around in and plenty of time to  fight the ever present traffic you encounter going from one area to another…plus a ton of quarters for the meters!


Nimbus Dining Table



One of the hot spots for great showrooms is the La Cienega Design District. My last trip out there I decided to explore some more of the stores on La Cienega and discovered the Therien & Co. showroom. Simply put, I think  they have some of the most beautiful furnishings in the industry.

I was somewhat familiar with their products having seen, and purchased, them at the Michael Taylor Showroom in NYC.  However, when you can see the entire collection up front and personal you really get a sense of the excellence and originality of the designs in the line.


Argos Bed

Shopping here is so unlike touring the design buildings in Manhattan. Here’s how it went: First I stroll through the entry to Therein & Co., an elegant bricked passageway with bubbling fountains and beautiful stone garden accessories for sale. Then, upon entering the showroom, I am immediately offered a tall glass of water served out of a lovely silver pitcher.  Finally, there  is the stroll around the showroom.  So, so many beautiful pieces…I took at least 20 memo sheets! Okay, I’m in…hook, line and sinker!


Serpentine Credenza


Of all of the furniture I saw I really preferred the pieces in the Therien Studio Workshops  collections, which combines what Therien calls 21st Century interpretations of traditional furniture models from the past.  One will also discover the original designs and some fabu antique pieces by various notable contemporary designers, like Cedric Hartman, Jean Solombe and Guglielmo Ulrich.                         


Cirrus Console

Plus, they showcase  the lighting of a company named  Ango,  which makes marvelous ceiling  and wall fixtures that mix nature and electricity like no one has before. The lights hanging in the showroom immediately caught my eye as they were such perfect counterpoints to the furniture. Composed of  surprising materials, they floated above in perfect harmony with the tables beneath them or clung to the walls like strange new creatures, adding a bit of mystery and originality to the designs in the showroom.


Ango Branching Wall Light

Are you inspired?  If so, here’s the gig: When you are ever in Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Houston, Atlanta or Chicago…other Therien outposts…head over for your own private tour. Or if you are a New Yorker  like me, check out the pieces in the Michael Taylor Showroom.  I guarantee you will be totally inspired by the sensational collection of beds, upholstery, tables, shelving, lighting and accessories, and I’d bet money Therien will end up on your “Favorites List”


Ciao, ciao “til next time!