You may remember my post about Guiliano Cappellini (see post) a few weeks ago.  He is the totally interesting, creative director of the Italian furniture company, Cappellini, who literally fascinated the pants off of me at my interview with him at the New York store in Soho.

Well, unbeknownst to me, Cappellini  furniture is actually owned by another favorite contemporary furniture company of mine called Poltrona Frau. I was fortunate enough to be given a private tour of their new collection by the very competent Marlene Capron, who works for them and knows everything about everything  about Poltona Frau.

Bolero e Montera_in situ

Bolero Table and Montera Side Chair



The company recently celebrated its 100th anniversary by opening a museum in the Italian town of Tolentino ,where it has it’s headquarters. Renown  for exquisite leather furniture. the museum highlights iconic pieces produced by the company over the lat century as well as the processes used to create them.  Poltrona Frau  is one of the crème de la crème Italian design companies in the world. Seating designed by Poltrona Frau has been incorporated in many famous architectural projects, including Frank Gehry’s Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA. Plus they do interiors of numerous high end cars, airplanes and yachts.  I think you get the picture…they are the go-to company for numerous designers and architects when it comes to “chic, sophisticated and classic!”



Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 10.30.08 AM

DU 55 Chairs



The New York showroom had several of the pieces that were new for 2013. My favorite sofa was the Antohn Sofa designed  Jean-Marie Massaud. Sleek, luxuriously and comfortable, it epitomizes the perfect modern leather sofa.



Antohn_in situ

Antohn Sofa


The T-904 Bench and the DU55 Chair are old classic designs created by designer Gastone Rinaldi and have been re-issued for this year’s collection. The designs of these two fabulous pieces from the 1950’s is so very timeless they could have been created yesterday.


Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 10.29.52 AM

T-904 Bench


The Mamy Blu Chair by Roberto Lazeroni is done up in two different leathers, one inside and the other outside and the Montera Side Chair are also some of my favorites from the current collection.



Sangirolamo Chair

Sangirolamo Bookcase



My absolute favorite-favorite chair in the collection is called Ghostfield , a-la the famous Chester, a chair designed in 1912 for Poltrona Frau. Designed by Paola Navone it is covered in a sheet of PVC and displays all of the insides of the chair. Super clever, super comfortable…I tried it out…and super wonderful!  AND don’t overlook the Sangirolamo Bookcase, which is cool beyond compare with it’s unique design.


Ghostfield Chair

Ghostfield Chair


Then there is the  Isidoro Cabinet, designed some years back by Jean-Marie Massaud, which is an unbelievable bar cabinet that opens and closes much like an upright suitcase. The concept is truly out of this world and the execution divine!

Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 4.27.55 PM

Isidoro Cabinet


AND, last , but not least, one cannot talk about Poltrona Frau’s furniture without mentioning the Vanity Fair chair…which by the way now also comes as a “Baby” Vanity Fair Chair, how sweet is that?  Based on a design created in 1903 it’s iconic rounded shape and leather covered nails detailing makes it the it the ultimate classic look in refined design for chic modern interiors.


Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 9.09.05 AM

Vanity Chair



If you check Poltrona Frau out on line you will see how many of their pieces are ones you are familiar with and have seen before.  Poltrona Frau is the real McCoy when it comes to Italian furniture design and if you are interested in creating a modern contemporary space in your home you most definitely should have something from their collection.



Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 9.10.56 AM     Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 4.21.44 PM     Immagini 360


Ciao, ciao ’til next time!