For those of you who fly coach, with an occasional upgrade to business class, I think you will really find this interesting.  I am not sure why I never gave it much thought before as an interior designer, but the interiors of private jet planes

for the uber-wealthy can be quite the cat’s meow, replete with luxury like the most elegant of homes.



Recently I read an article in Avenue magazine called “the Sky’s the Limitand it sent me on a a search over the internet looking for companies and designers that were involved in this very elite niche of the interior design market.  AND I was really super impressed with some of the finished projects, as I think you will also be.





Okay, there are many advantages of owning your own jet plane,  the least of them being better food and better leg room! These private jets become “homes in the sky” and they can possess all of the bells and whistles desired by the owner.





Anything you might find in a high-end home can be included in the interior design of the plane: bedrooms, bathrooms, kids rooms, hi-tech AV systems, state of the art kitchens, elegant customized furnishings, Italian Murano glass chandeliers…you name it and the design companies  providing these services can make your wish come true.





AND along with these stylish sophisticated interiors comes all of the amenities you would have if you were staying in a fine hotel: anything you…or your pet… want to eat, enjoy or partake in.





The designs run on the opulent contemporary side, with a lushness similar to a very fancy hotel or restaurant.  One of the designs that I really admired was the plane designed with a section of the plane  that folded out when the plane was not moving and converted to an outdoor terrace. Just too much!





AND the specifics of the designing is not only limited to the main cabin section, but also to the cockpit where the pilots sit, sometimes on chairs with luscious lambswool  seat cover!




Hmmmm…wonder how I could get an interior design gig doing this?




Ciao, ciao ’til next time!