I came across some of the most interesting children’s furniture I have seen in a very long time in an issue of Interior Design last month. Leave it to the brilliant Italians to finally come up with a cleverly designed suite of furnishing that is oriented towards kids but has a big grown up persona.

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The company I am talking about is called Cose da Bocia…literally , “things for kids.”  Actually bocia  means “kid” in the jargon of Turino, Italy, where the architecture firm that developed and designed all of this is located.  That firm, which is called UdA – Associated Architects, was started by Andrea Marcante in 1992 and  he is now partnered up with Adelaide Testa since 2004.

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The Cose da Bocia collection exemplifies  UdA’s commitment to blend the elements of seriousness and playfulness and practicality and elegance into their interiors for the home. The furnishings are not a first glance typical children’s furnishings.  One might actually say there is more of an adult attitude in the designs.

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However, this all goes along with UdA’s concept of not allowing the children’s spaces to be totally distinct from the adult spaces.  If you ask me, I think they have done this rather  successfully.  The firm believes that today’s family functions in a more communal way and interior spaces should reflect this reality.  I think you would have to agree that if you can introduce and expose  your children early on to the beauty of original design, this has to have a tremendously positive affect on their future life style.

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Their wonderful ad campaign features  comical photos of children from the 1920’s to the 1970’s standing next to the different pieces and looking at or interacting with the furnishings.  This, I must admit, is completely enchanting and was what originally caught my eye.

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IMPORTANT INFO: The furniture is constructed out of recycled wood, tubular metal, rope and cork and executed in playful colors. The collection is small but everything can be customized.  In other words, you can take their designs and make them work in your house= ++++!

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There is also a wonderful ‘sense of humor’ associated with the furniture that is very captivating and adds to the success of the designs.  I adore the mixing of colors and materials and really haven’t seen anything quite like it for children in the marketplace.  

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Once again I have to give it to the Italians when it comes to original design…Viva gli italiani!

Ciao, ciao ’til next time!