If you think Goldilocks had trouble picking out the right bed to take a nap in, just imagine if the Three Bears slept in one of these wild and wonderful beds?

I happen to be a bed freak… A beautiful bed, made up with Italian sheets just calls out to my inner soul. You’ll remember my post about my own sheets, TO SLEEP, TO SLEEP…AH, PERCHANCE TO DREAM. I just adore slipping into a bed all bedecked with delicious sheets and a big duvet…ah, so cozy and comfy! Always being open to the new and wonderful, here are rather ‘way out there’ bed ideas I read about in Hotel Design magazine a while back.

SHAWN LOVELL METALWORKS makes the whimsical “Under the Canopy”, a one-of-a-kind wrought iron bed with tree trunks and branches as bed posts that join together in the middle and support a charming nest. Love the sensibility and humor of this design, and how delightful would it be in a country house?

Segueing to the other end of the bed continuum , HI- INTERIORS designed the “Hi Fidelity Canopy” bed seeking to recreate a bed cocoon that integrated hi tech electronic goodies within the canopy. The totally automated bed comes equipped with a retractable high definition projector, TV screen, state-of-the-art sound system, an XBOX , LED reading lights and privacy drapery. All of these “bed toys’ can be activated remotely from either your iPhone or iPad before you even enter the room!

Bouncing back in another direction, is the “Leather Car Bed” from YISO FURNITURE. Kind of a bit hokey for me , but that’s what makes dezign work really interesting. Imagine checking into a hotel while on a road trip abroad some place and seeing this bed in your suite…might just make the whole vacation worthwhile!

The last bed is more of an inner body experience, then simply a good night’s sleep. It is called the LOMME . The design is based on scientific research, and through the use of massage therapy, light, and sound the developers have created a bed environment where sleep, meditation and rejuvenation combine to provide a place for your inner soul to reawaken. Whew, that’s a big responsibility for one bed! However, I like this idea, because it makes me think of how beds might be in the future. Plus, it sounds so good, I really hope it’s true!

So this is what’s happening now in the bedding industry. I think I am ready for the Lomme, myself…I mean, just imagine your own private room (with a lock, of course!) with a Lomme for when you need to escape from the maddening crowd! Now where did they say you can buy one….?