I had the good fortune to be invited to a business meeting at the fabulous Crosby Street Hotel in Soho over the holidays last December. Earlier in the day,  I had been participating in

  “SoHoRomp”…a bit of seasonal merriment and shopping in Soho  organized by Veronika Miller of for some of her favorite New York design bloggers.


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When it was over I scooted down the block to the Crosby Street. I was eager to see the decor of the hotel as I had read about  the hoteliers, Tim and Kit Kemp, and all of the fabulous places they had designed in London through their company, Firmdale Hotels.


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Well,  I certainly wasn’t disappointed with the Crosby Street. The hotel is ultra cool and hip and has a very unique mix of design periods and art. Call it “fresh modern” or “chic English modern” it really doesn’t matter.  Kit Kemp, who is responsible for all of the interiors of the hotels, has a wonderful sense of mixing up traditional English pieces with rustic, African, Moroccan, ultra modern…you name it…furnishings that make the rooms simply sing.



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If you follow me on DEZIGNLICIOUS you know this is all right up my alley.  The more eclectic a room, the greater the mix of furnishings, the happier I am! I was particularly  intrigued by the great mix of contemporary art at the Crosby Street.  In fact when I did a little research at  I discovered they had selected the Crosby Street Hotel as one of the top 10 Boutique Hotels with the best art collections.



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You can find exciting work by Jaume Plensa, Justine Smith, Jack Milroy, Anselm Kiefer and Callum Innes scattered around the different public areas at the hotel.  BTW, for the record, high profile art in high profile hotels attracts high profile patrons to hotels. I think you get the concept.



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The Crosby Street has a beautiful bar where it would be positively fabu  to meet someone for a drink…friend or lover! It’s colorful and  cleverly decorated…nothing dark and dreary about this place.



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The rooms are full of personality too and fresh and modern to boot. I love the picture I’ve included of the black and white color scheme. Nothing boring here.  Simply adore the mod  fabric on the window treatments and the use of black paint on the wall.  Both of these are brave dezign statements!



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There is also a screening room at the hotel which can be privately rented out for the evening.  Private screenings of first run movies are a big to-do here in the city, so I wouldn’t doubt that there have been several top notched viewings here at the hotel.



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So, to sum it all up, I think a weekend stay at the Crosby Street Hotel would be just what the dezign doctor ordered. Aside from rubbing shoulders with some superb interior design and wonderful contemporary art, you get to play in Soho, which is just chock-a-full of every store you want to shop in and one great restaurant after the next. Sounds like an unbeatable formula to me!



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Ciao, ciao ’til next time!