The word is that when you are down in Baja California, Mexico, vacation in Cabo San Jose . It is the kinder, more gentler town to visit as opposed to Cabo San Lucas, the latter being chock-a-full of

tourists and touristy stores and vendors and loud clubs and discos at night.  Plus there is a great area right in the center of Cabo San Jose where art galleries and artisan stores line the streets.  I’m definitely game for this walking tour… my name is just written all over it…and I convince my husband to join me on this dezign adventure.

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One twenty minute taxi ride later we…hubby and I… arrive in San Jose.  No need to walk around the whole town, for immediately we can easily see that while this is a nice sleepy little town, there is very little of interest …it all just seems to be  “typical Mexican village near great resort area,” if you get my drift.

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Surprisingly enough though, I found the art gallery district in Cabo San Jose  to be a rather pleasant stroll, and the occasional charming hotel and restaurant interspersed between the stores and galleries provided added visual enjoyment and culinary delight.

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I have to admit that many of the stores were selling Mexican ” tourist take home stuff,”  but there actually were some redeemable galleries with interesting art and hand designed furnishings, which made the walk worthwhile.

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In addition, there was some wonderful folk art  in one store and  some cleverly designed  lighting in another.

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The best find of the day was two great furnishing stores that had some unbelievably delightful pieces.  Everything  definitely had a somewhat  Spanish /Mexican bent, but there still were many pieces that would transfer easily to projects of mine…or yours…back in the States.

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Loved one particular chair in orange…so much fun!

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In one gallery  I discovered these fabulous wooden benches that were entirely carved out of a single piece of wood!  Not only were they quite cleverly constructed,  but the craftsmanship was really excellent.

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Mexico is known for it’s fabulous terracotta pots and ceramics. So many pieces caught my eye and if shipping them home would have been a feasible option I would have sent dozens to my Fire Island retreat. There was also a terrific looking group of floor sculptures of women  I thought amazing…how cool would they look in a house?

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Most of the furnishings  you are going to see in the galleries are large in scale and Mexican in orientation. However, I adore that hecho a mano  feeling that gives originality to furnishings. It relates so well to the ethnicity of the pieces and adds what I would call a  “soul” to them as well.

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Confession:  ‘Twas a tad surprised by the high price tags on most of the art in the galleries.  Obviously there is an audience for this stuff down here…lots of Americans and Ex Pats have purchased homes.


Okie doke, that’s the inside lowdown on Cabo San Jose’s art district.  Anyway, it is always fun to shop in some new turf, don’t you think?  Now I just need a little casita some place south of the border to fill up with all of these goodies…

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Ciao, ciao ’til next time!