I first met DARCY MIRO at a Kips Bay Show House event a few years back. Since then I have developed a wonderful friendship with her which is based on a mutual admiration for each others’ talents.  For me, Darcy is the real deal when it comes to being an exceptional artist. I am particularly mesmerized by the electrifying  one of a kind jewelry pieces she creates out of sterling silver , white bronze and  gold.

Although I originally went to her home studio in Brooklyn to see the lighting , pulls and wall installations she creates…which merit another blog post in the future…I was immediately smitten by her wearable jewelry. One needs to clarify this, as each piece she makes is really a small sculpture, reflecting her interest in the most minute details she encounters in her daily life and how different surfaces  and textures juxtapose with one another.

Her pieces are almost raw and unfinished looking , with “stitches” and “holes”  and “jagged edges” adding a roughness to the final look. This is not your ordinary refined look in jewelry. It has an edginess that is in your face, and I love that.

Her rings and earrings sometimes have a prehistoric quality to them and also make me think of some free form modernistic metal sculpture.  And, don’t think that you buy her earrings in pairs. When I fell in love with a fabulous large circular silver earring with a small black diamond in it, she then carefully advised me that the earring had no match and quickly helped me locate an equally beautiful “one” to wear in my other ear!

Now here is the best part of the deal.  She is currently having an installation of her work at E.R. Butler & Company ( 212.925.3565) in Manhattan until November 27th, and you will be able to see the exciting work of the talented DARCY MIRO up front and personal for yourself…Email me and let me know what you think!