Okie doke, we are off and running on DAY #2  of the NEW YORK METRO CHAPTER OF ASID DESIGN WALK 2012 Still wearing my high heels…we New Yorkers are gluttons for punishment…but chuck-a-full of energy to do the walk, talk the talk…you get it. Today I will be flitting about Soho/Tribeca with my fellow dezign afficionados discovering

some new design finds in this part of the woods.

Merchant House Museum

I have chosen to began the day early at the Merchant House Museum, a little design secret in NYC.  I  knew absolutely nothing about the existence of the Museum, but was completely intrigued by its presence here in New York City, and curious to throw my dezign brain into an earlier century than it presently exists. Gotta do that to keep the edge.

Merchant House Museum

Flou Angle Bed

We were treated to a lecture   given by the Museum Consultant, Vincent Plescia.  It was fascinating to learn about the Tredwell family, the original inhabitants of the house.

At present, the experts have been using paint analysis and forensic techniques straight out of “C.S.I. New York” in order to discern what would have been the correct furnishings for the house from 1835 to 1865 when the originalTredwell family lived there. Nothing like a little science being mixed up into design, and all leading to an absorbing discussion.

The house is charming to tour, even in it’s incomplete state, and they would welcome any support from one and all for the  project to restore and maintain this significant dwelling.

Flou Guia Bed by Carlo Colombo

My next stop was at Flou in Tribeca, and Flou is all about beds and bedrooms. They are famous for their elegant storage beds and beds made with removable fabrics so you can change the look of your bed at the snap of a finger.

The look is totally contemporary , sophisticated and elegant.  They also have wonderful night tables and chests…all to compliment  their beds… and some gorgeous closet/wardrobe systems to finish off the look.

After a wonderful presentation from the director general of Flou, Massimiliano Messina, I had fun talking with Pierre Kozely, the new manager of the store, which I would like to treat you to right now.


Me and the cutest ever Jack Russell at Flou

IMPORTANT DEZIGN FACT:  In 1978 when the company was opened by Messina’s father, Rosaria Messina, Vico Magistretti designed the iconic Nathalie Bed, the first bed that totally incorporated fabric instead  of iron, wood or steel. It has been  “defined as a sculpture, a piece of art” in Europe according to Messina and is the consummate contemporary textile bed.


Me in a very red Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen at The Republic of Fritz Hansen

Last stop of the day was at The Republic of Fritz Hansen.  Brooklyn designer Todd Bracher, who was formally trained in the Scandinavian design tradition, gave a wonderful “Design Talk” about his design process. His stunning  table being produced by Fritz Hansen, called the T-No.1, is displayed up front and central in the showroom.

Of course, those of you familiar with Fritz Hansen will know that this company is the manufacturer of innumerable iconic mid century modern pieces from such renown designers as Arne Jacobson…think the infamous Egg chairHans J. Wegnerthink the beautiful China chair… and Jaime Hayon…am just crazy for his Favn (it means embrace in Danish) sofa!  Having all of these goodies, and even more than I have written about, in one space, is beyond perfect for this constant shopper.


Todd Bracher’s sleek T-NO.1 Table at The Republic of Fritz Hansen

I don’t know about you, but I love  being introduced to new products and learning how to integrate them into my projects.  It just gets my design juices flowing and  stirs up all that creativity that swims around constantly in my brain.

I am really enjoying this Design Walk idea. It is a perfectly fun and easy way to troll the different design markets in New York City, meet other designers…even ones from out of town!…earn some C.E.U credits for your licensing, visit historic houses, and simply really have a wonderful time with a bunch of your peers.

Jaime Hayon’s Favn Sofa at The Republic of Fritz Hansen

Especially in this strange economic climate with business being so difficult, I think it is critical to make yourself exceptional and stand out from the crowd. AND how much easier could it be than this?

Stay tuned for DESIGN WALK Day #3, which, you will see, held even more interesting dezign surprises for me to tell you about.