Today’s post is a bit of a deviation from the normal course of events on DEZIGNLICIOUS, as I want to share a post about me…yes, ME…featured recently on the internet. Tudor Davies, who wrote the post with my input, writes for the website, TERRYS BLINDS…a company located in England…and he frequently features different designers from around the world in a section called, DESIGNER INSIGHTS.

I thought that you might enjoy seeing my take on what is hot and special in interior design today and hearing how one survives as an interior designer in New York City.


Designer Insights with Gail Shields-Miller

Gail Shields-Miller is the principal designer behind Shields & Company Interiors, in New York. Gail has an adventurous spirit and joie de vivre, which help fuel her blog and bring her readers everything wild and wonderful. Her gusto is unparalleled and makes for super interesting and fabulous blog posts that help her readers to escape the hum drum of daily lives. So we are proud to bring you the Designer Insights of Gail Shields-Miller.



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If you want to read more about my 5 hot design picks please go here to the “live page” of Designer Insights.

It feels good to tout yourself every once and awhile, don’t you think?

 Ciao, ciao ’til next time!