Time to give you some ” picks of the litter” from my trip to SICILIA. These are design ideas or items that caught my eye and I want to share with one and all. Incidentally the picture above is of the most delicious peach granita ever invented on earth ,which I slowly enjoyed while on the island of Salina at a place called Alfredo’s. Although not a design idea, if you are ever there do not miss the opportunity to have one of these. Sicilians have granita for breakfast with a brioche! And, if you want to read the real “nitty gritty”  about the unparalleled  Sicilian granita  and gelato industry , check out this article in the Wall Street Journal!

Saw this in my hotel in Palermo IDEA: beautiful semi transparent glass doors with brightly painted walls behind. The color permeates through the glass when the light is on behind the doors. Great idea for a guest closet or a furniture unit…OR just a good concept to keep in mind when you are putting glass entrance doors on a room.




Beautiful pottery was all over. IDEA: Contrast hand made modern pottery on antique consoles or vice versa.  Great impact!




Hand made perforated terracotta sconce: IDEA: great outside on a house in the country or at the beach, especially near the entertainment area. The light shining through the cut out areas is seductive!




Ceramic faces found in antique store in Taormina. IDEA: Can be used as jardinieres or simply as they are They just caught my dezign eye and I thought they would make great  unique, although somewhat kitschy, accessories.


Bronze work in display window. IDEA: Obviously this is a store window, but the dezign is really beautiful and would make for outrageous entry doors or cabinet doors. Love the idea of the metal over the glass and the free form of the design!




Sexy sandals without soles: IDEA:  You’re right…this has nothing to do with interior design. BUT, I had the most fun wearing these on the boat  and where ever else shoes could be deleted from my wardrobe... they are right out of the Barfeoot Contessa!!!!!  PLUS, they re better than Dorothy’s red shoes ’cause  they really make you feel HOT!!!


Ciao, ciao ’til next time!