Daniel Vanhall in front of Peter Woytuk’s “Elephant Pair” in Colombus Circle

Have you been to Columbus  Circle recently? Don’t tell me you didn’t notice the handsome elephants? And for that matter, if you have been strolling on the upper west side up and down Broadway, perhaps you have noticed other animals of an equally artistic nature strategically placed for your visual enjoyment ?

Daniel and I were making a mad dash to a client’s apartment near Columbus Circle in New York City when we were stopped in our tracks by two of the most majestic bronze elephants. This is how it is in New York City…you are constantly surprised by the most amazing art installations in the streets (see last year’s post Everything’s Coming Up Roses,) which makes you reflect and remember that you live in one of the most fabulous cities in the world.

All of this, I quickly learned, was part of an outdoor exhibition of the work of sculptor PETER WOYTUK supported by THE PARKS AND RECREATION PUBLIC ART program in collaboration with THE BROADWAY MALL ASSOCIATION and the gallery that represents WOYTUK in the United States, THE MORRISON GALLERY from Kent, Connecticut.

WOYTUK’S bronze sculptures are often of oversized animals and birds, occasionally with colored fruit. Their scale alone is eye catching. Plus, they exhibit a sensual quality mixed with a quirkiness that is quite distinctive. I think WOYTUK’S sculptures are perfect foils for the hustle and bustle of New York City, and when you come upon one they are simply mesmerizing.

You can hook your cell phone up for an audio tour given by WOYTUK…in English or Spanish. The information on how to do this is all posted on the easy to follow signs at each location.

So pick one of these mild winter days for a stroll up Broadway. The exhibit runs from Columbus Circle all the way up to West 168 Street. And, if you have the stamina to walk the entire 5 mile stretch until the end, you’ll be treated to 18 stunning sculptures from the talented Mr. Woytuk along the way.