I love when something fresh crosses my desk…in this case the latest catalogue. It has got to be something I have never seen before, something which displays a great deal of creativity and just tickles my dezign juices.  So, take a look at these wonderful products called GAN Espacios,

a definitely chic line of products based around seriously cool rugs. Add to the equation that everything is designed by famous design personalities…and I mean famous!


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GAN Espacios  is a furnishing line which comes from the Gandia Blasco,  a company based in Spain.  The concept is simple and clever: One rug, one image.  The selection of the rug is the salient design concept to the space.  After that you can decide which and what you want to choose to coordinate with the rug: cushions, poufs, pillows, accessories, etc.  But everything revolves around the same design so there is a special dezign integrity to the finished room…almost a little womb meets room, but not. Get it?


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Okay, this is not how you might do every room in your house.  However, I think this is really an interesting concept for the following reasons:  (1)The products are luxurious and stunning…not common place at all.  (2)They all have intense design credentials behind them (list of designers creating the various products for different Espacios to follow.) (3) The patterns are colorful  and not common place. (4) The weaving is thick and luscious.  (5) It is a highly unique way to, as we say, conquer a room. All sounds good to me!


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This is a perfect way to create a fabulous environment either in a family room, children’s room or a vacation house. And it doesn’t have to be the entire room. Perhaps you pick a section of a room…or perhaps you just use a series of the poufs in a row in a long hallway and even forgo the rug altogether. The poufs, BTW, are really my favorites, all done up in outrageously playful woven patterns, they really are standout gorgeous!


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The latest collection has been designed by Patricia Urquoila…if you do not recognize her name, you should as she has been at the forefront of contemporary Italian design for some time. But the list goes on with Sandra Figuerola, JoséA. Gandia-Blasco, Charlotte Lancelot,  Hector Serrano, Mario Ruiz, Jean-Marie Massaud, Frances Rifé, Enclanc, Odosdesign, Nendo/ Oki Sato…all successful contemporary furnishings designers.


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If your are ready to give this look a try out in your home you can get immediate satisfaction by going to their website, and shop to you drop with out ever leaving your home. It’s pretty well organized and full of details on how to select and order their products. If you have the luxury of being in the New York City area, you can head down to SoHo to the only Gandia Blasco showroom  located in the USA and see if they can help you out.


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Hope you all enjoyed a bit of European design interspersed into your day’s program…I always say that the Europeans just have what it takes when it comes to contemporary design!


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Ciao, ciao ’til next time!