When you see something exquisitely executed it takes your breath away. When you see something exquisitely  executed and  original in design you add a big WOW after you catch your breath.  Such it is with the furniture being designed and executed by SAMI HAYEK under the name  ESPACIO.

Some designers may not appreciate HAYEK’S aesthetic, but it is right up my alley.  His furnishings have just the right mixture of contemporary and ethnic elements to make then extremely successful designs.

There is no doubt his Mexican heritage comes into play with his designs, but that is what makes the pieces unique. He feels very strongly  about working with various Mexican communities and integrating their handcrafts into his designs,  In this way he furthers several ancient traditions and provides a living for the artisans so they can support themselves…that old give and get theory that always works so well in life.

In particular, he uses a charcoal colored clay from the Oaxaca area of Mexico called barro negro  to create tables, accessories, and dishes using an antique pottery technique. with the assistance of master Oaxaca potter, José Luis Garcia , he has formed a collective to train the local families to make the pottery pieces.

His relationship with the Huichol community in the Michoacan area of Mexico is the source for the outstanding glass bead work to be found on his credenza and mirror. These were the pieces that originally caught my attention, and having seen these pieces up front and personal, they are truly exquisite works of art.

The other outstanding line he is producing now is using reclaimed wood from barns in the United States and mixing it with polished steel, leathers and textured fabrics to produce a weathered, but contemporary look of furnishings, including desks, beds, bookcases, sofas, and other cabinetry.

HOT TIP: If you are as deeply in love with SAMI HAYEK’S work as I am head directly over to the DENNIS MILLER SHOWROOM  at the NEW YORK DESIGN CENTER in New York City and see all of his innovative furniture on display there. It was instant happiness for this interior designer when I discovered the line there!

(And, yes, if you haven’t guessed it by now, his sister is the talented actress Selma Hayek.)