Only in New York City, during one of the snowiest and coldest winters in a very , very long time would you see “planted” along the divider on Park Avenue running from 57th to 67th Streets  gigantic, fanciful rose  blossom sculptures!   Brightly painted in shades of pink, and, of course, rose red, and scattered with little sculptured bugs  in a gesture to realism, they are sure to put a big smile on your face.  They are the creation of the artist Will Ryman, and the sculptures are appropriately titled “The Roses.”


Having the good fortune to have to walk past these marvelous  colossal floral bouquets on my way to work is indeed delightful.  Who was the genius that understood the perfection of planting these unexpected beauties for display in the depths of winter and  could predict the delight such a sight would bring to the eyes of thousands of pedestrians and car  passengers?  My hat is off to the artist and all of his supporters!

Incidentally if you go to the WILL RYMAN ROSES , you can read all the details…And, the installation is up until May 31, so make a “bee-line” to see it if you haven’t already!

Ciao, ciao ’til Tuesday!