I don’t know if I mentioned this to you or not,  but I am privileged to also write for the web site HOUZZ.com.  While writing my latest “Product Picks” post , which you can check out on January 5 on HOUZZ, I re-introduced myself to a favorite supplier of mine in London, called

Saffron Interiors. run by a very talented lady named Caroline Shamash.  Saffron Interiors features all sorts of interesting artisans and designers that are extremely talented. One of my favorites is the lighting designer Pier Lorenzo Salvoni.





Salvoni is a fine glass craftsman and he uses his talents to create some of the most beautiful hanging lamps and lighting pieces I have seen in quite some time.  The mixture is one of old world techniques with a modern interpretation. There is a sophistication to all of his work that I think is just amazing.




The most interesting fact about his unusual designs is that he does not blow his own glass pieces . Instead, he  works with broken glass, often discarded from the famous Venetian factories. He takes chunks of glass which he polishes and refines into the shapes he desires and then incorporates them with whole forms, like bowls or vases. Everything is then intertwined with brass wire and gold cords and/or long dramatic tassels which he forms into his elegant pieces. Needless to say, everything is completely done by hand.




Some of his fixtures are strictly made for candles and others are wired for lighting. One of his favorite symbols is the butterfly, which he frequently has cascading down the side of a lighting piece. The “ooh and ahh” factor is high here. These are lighting fixtures where art meets elegance. Salvoni’s work can also be found in numerous sophisticated hotels and fashionable homes around the world.






Caroline had showed me his “Parrot Glass” fixtures a while back and I remember falling instantly in love with them at that time. They are still high on my favorite list. I am just crazy for the way they look suspended from a ceiling and simply must include them in a project some day soon. Can’t you just see them in a series over a dining room table, or stylishly suspended on either side of a bed ?



I think it is always the best when you re-discover some fabulous source…for some reason it just gets your creative juices flowing again!  Now I am dying to fly over to London and see everything up front and central at Saffron Interiors!




Ciao, ciao ’til next time!