If you are the daughter of an interior designer, as I am, then you can probably relate to what I am going to write about quite easily.


Female Nude Sculpture by Alexander Dobkin.

Growing up as the daughter of an interior designer and swearing never to become one…and then to become a crazy/passionate/ obsessed one, who writes a blog about all things wild and wonderful and who’s homes are filled with fabulous pieces you inherited from your mother…well, I guess, I think that is really quite wonderful.


Painting by Paul Caster, 1981, Title Unknown

The circle is complete, so to speak. Or, perhaps the apple doesn’t really fall far from the tree, even if it tried to roll up that hill of  “I am different than her” several times before caving in to the natural talent SHE  had…and finding that you also possess that talent.


African Beaded Man/ Origin Unknown

SHE, Joan Shields, aka my mother, had fabulous taste and was way out there and courageous in her design wishes and creations.  “Design Idea Fear” never entered her mind. Push that envelope…“trust your inner design instinct, don’t kowtow to bland and inane design, make your mark” were all concepts that invaded her designs.


Wooden Sculpture Purchased in Palm Beach Art Gallery…I was with her…Artist Unknown

Fortunately for me, it lead to exposing me to all sorts of art and accessories from  around the globe and developed an appreciation of a wide variety of objects and a lust for finding exceptional items to put in the homes of my clients, as well as my own homes.


Antique Oval Antler Mirror Purchased in London at Portobello Road Antiques Shop in the ’60s.

Undoubtedly, there is an emotional gratification one gets from looking at these exciting pieces in your own home. Add to that the memories they conjure up of the talent your mother possessed and her strong influence on you and what became of you long after she was gone.


Lucite Box with Hand Carved Painted Wooden Figures in the style of Red Grooms/ Unsigned. ( Inherited along with a Red Grooms catalogue from an Art Show.)

I find living with her design “hand me downs” just perfect. Whenever someone comes over to see my home…and there are frequent visitors just to “look/see”… I quite proudly point out what I (luckily/happily) inherited from my mother.


Antique Antler Coat Rack Purchased in London in the ’50s. (One of my Favorites!)

A good mentor is, perhaps, worth more than money can buy or any school can teach you. Thanks, Joan!

Antique Indian Trunk in leather and railheads. (Sits at the foot of my bed.)

Antique Indian Trunk in leather and nailheads. (Sits at the foot of my bed.)

BTW, the pictures in this blog were taken in my home in Fire Island.  Some time in the future I’ll show you the fabulous stuff I inherited from my mother that decorates my New York City abode.


Ciao, ciao ’til next time!