I think I told you before that I thrive mostly on unearthing unique products for my interiors.  Today with the world functioning as one big global market it is not unusual to discover new and interesting products being produced in other parts of the world and to think nothing about including them in your projects here in the States. There is no doubt everyone wants to sell their wares in the United States.

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I posted on Facebook that I met Tomas Vera , one of the owners of the Colombian company, Verdi Designs when ICFF was in New York City this past spring. With a passion for anything Latin, and the opportunity to practice mi español,  I was eager to learn more about the fabulous area rugs that Verdi creates out of metals and natural fibers.  They are truly exquisite and quite special…Truth be told, I have never seen anything like them before!

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Let’s back up or a moment and give a little company history so you can put all of this in perspective.

The story begins with Carlos Vera Dieppa, the father of Tomas and Cristina Vera, the present owners of Verdi Designs. He was a trailblazer in Colombian textile crafts and discovered a unique fiber some place in central Colombia which he used to create his rugs. BTW the name of the fiber and the location of where it is grown is a big company secret so I do not even have a clue about this information.

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Carlos was the one that discovered a way to integrate metal fibers like copper and tin into his weaving making them beyond original and super unique.  When Carlos passed away in 2010 the business passed on to Tomas and Cristina and the rest is history.

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Each rug is hand woven with loving care.  The natural fibers are dyed with colored powders in the traditional way by local natives of the region. Once the dyed fibers have dried outside in the sun they are then woven on manual looms into various patterns accentuating the beauty of the fibers and the metals.

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The end result is luxurious and elegant and something rather special when placed on the floor of any room.

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Here’s the plus+plus about Verdi Designs:  The rugs look like a million bucks but the price point is what I consider very reasonable.  Now I can offer these exquisite rugs to my clients without feeling guilty I am asking them to spend a small fortune on something hand made. Add the tag that they come from Latin America and you don’t see these rugs ‘coming and going’ and I feel I am doing a great job as a designer. RESULT: Everyone feels good!


Ciao, ciao ’til next time!