Every once in awhile you see something and know in an an instant that it is really special, really beautiful, and ought to be in somebody’s home you are designing.

Such it was with the coffee table above which I saw on many months ago…actually last November. It was from a company in London, called LAMBERTY ANTIQUES, located in the  UK,  and I immediately emailed them for all the salient details.

It turns out it is made of resin and with white metal suspended in it… how cool is that?…and has a chrome metal base. It is attributed to an unknown French furniture designer from the 1950’s…love the mystery … and is 100% up there on the “chic design meter.”


Okay, now that I am totally in love with my resin and metal table, I go on line to LAMBERTY ANTIQUES, just to check out the latest and the greatest, and see this fantastic piece. I mean to fall in love so quickly with yet another coffee table makes me feel a little fickle and two faced, but truth be told, such is the nature of the interior designer.


This handsome beauty was designed by Philippe Hiquily in 2009, and is a sculptural coffee table made  with a mesmerizing brass base and  a rare blue labrodite stone top.  Is she not lovely?

I suppose being in love with two coffee tables is harmless enough. Pleased as punch that now I have a terrific new source for exciting furniture ( which I plan to turn my clients on to,) plus totally tickled that the source is in jolly old London!

By the by, which table do you like the best.?

Ciao, ciao ’till next time!