Okay…obviously I am a foodie too as well as a design nut…can’t get enough of the good stuff from either one.  So on my last trip to Europe I couldn’t help notice how beautifully the food was displayed in cafes and bistros throughout Germany and Italy.  Just had to take photos because everything looked so “i gotta taste it” or ” i gotta buy it and taste it later.”

The desserts and chocolates lining  the display counters at the famous FASBENDER & RAUSCH CHOCOLATIERS in Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin were like little fragile buildings ready to be destroyed by hungry patrons…the use of colors and materials rivaling a well executed sculpture .

But the best siting of all was in Milano in a section called Torino,Ticinese…sort of like  an early  avant guard Tribeca, NYC area…where I was casually strolling  and I captured this photo of a shoe store window display. I just love it…the shoes are delicious and the pastries look marvelous as well.  Not sure which one I was supposed to eat and which one I was supposed to wear on my feet, they all looked so good !  One pair of the shoes looked like  striped candy canes and the other like chocolate bon bons. Crazy about the design concept of interlacing food and merchandise…so easy for people to “get it.”  DEZINGLICIOUS validated once again!!!!


Okay, I can’t leave you without giving you a “quickie” recipe that I got off the waiter in this wonderful trattoria in the Barea district in Milano called Torre de Pisa.  This place is definitely a local haunt  (yea, no tourists and strictly TLC by the wait staff and owner) and after having the most delicious lunch there I didn’t want to eat any place else.  Sorry the recipe is vague in details, but just use your best cooking  judgment and I promise you it will be deelicioso!!!!!! Here you go:



Saute all of this together. Then add beef broth, butter and a little bit of flour to thicken it every so slightly, S & P. Throw over al dente pasta , sprinkle with some good parmesan cheese and mangia!!!!!!!!!

Ciao, ciao ’til Monday!