Behold the ordinary bath towel reinvented into a thing of unusual artistic beauty! Theses “lovely ladies” ( towels are feminine, right?) were discovered on my last trip to Los Angeles. They are manufactured by a company called FRESCO and they are definitely in the “oh boy, I can’t wait to use my bath towel ” category!

They are manufactured of the highest quality Turkish cotton and dyes and pre-washed and pre-shrunk before they hit the shelves…so no need to worry about colors running all over the rest of the wash! Needless to say, I purchased some for everyone in the family…(too bad you are not part of my family)….and had a hard time deciding which ones to select as one is more beautiful than the next.

The owners of the company have a background in the production of fine textiles and they have transferred their skills and craftsmanship over to making luxurious towels for the home. Each and every one is a fine work of art… the designs are actually taken from many historical patterned rugs and fabrics that you will easily recognize . The colors are out of this world , and the interpretation of the designs gives the towels a more contemporary look.

The beach towels are so beautiful I think I would be afraid to send my husband to the beach with one in case he forgot to bring it back! For me, they belong around the pool on the lounge chairs making everyone look beautiful and comfortable. And do not forget to take a look at the beach bags that go with the beach towels, as they are equally as gorgeous. Over-sized and just as soft as the towels, they can be washed too…goodbye grungy beach bag!

You can order them online, so no need to wait until you get out to Los Angeles. These “user -friendly canvases,” will surely add some beautiful color and luxury to your bathroom and warm weather activities. And what a great way to spend a little bit of money and zsazs up the bathroom.

Sometimes the smallest touches in a room can make the biggest differences!

Before I sign off I want to share some more of the delicious patterns to choose from…hard to choose , huh?