If this little lady doesn’t do it for you I don’t know what will. She’s part of an extensive line of hand made accessories from a creative company in London called SPINA. I actually wrote about them a ways back…they make the most  gorgeous tie backs I have ever seen in the industry…unmatched for their design and extent of materials employed in their execution. Now I am going to fill you in on the extraordinary hand-made accessories that they manufacture, including footstools, throws, cushions and trimmings.  Incidentally, the exquisite bar stool…yes, bar stool…above is fringed in modern metal chain adorned with pink and peridot crystals interspersed with pink pearls draping from the seat to the floor…unbeatable!

Think out of the box when it comes to their throws:


This cutie pie  is a throw made out of faceted Swarovski crystals threaded with a soft yarn!









This one is made out of a soft and cozy ‘fur’ with a  crystal pearl and chainette fringe and lined in satin…sounds ready for me to “throw it” on my shoulders and go out dancing!











Now get set for the footstools, aka ottomans as we call them in the States:


This seductive beauty is trimmed in a brilliant fringe made of jet crystal beads and upholstered in a rich black satin with deep buttoning on top. I particularly like the over sized scale of the fringe to the upholstery. Definitely a winner in my book.







And lest we not forget about a little touch of gold…pink gold that is…executed in a cobra skin chain mixed with a silk damask.  I’d like to see this fringe with a contemporary fabric…that would make it more to my dezign liking.








Here is the ultimate fringe look: an entire wall of French satin ribbons all  aglow with crystal pieces.  SPINA sees this as a movable curtain that could be used in a media room, or to conceal bookcases or open closeting that you need access to frequently, as in a dressing room or a woman’s office…how cool would that be?  It would probably be off the charts in a high end office for some female CEO. AND you cannot deny that this definitely gives new meaning to the word fringe!








They also have a softer, more transparent look which is made out of pearls and crystals.  This idea could be a room divider, but, as they suggest, would probably be a win/win as a part of a window treatment.  Totally seductive and yet elegant at the same time.









Just to satisfy your curiousity about how that might look, here is a picture of the lead crystal room divider being used in a window.  I think it is a fabulously original look that would work particularly well in a dressing room, a bathroom, a bedroom…and for those of you who are perhaps more shy, a solid shade behind it would do the trick!







Ciao, ciao ’til next time!