There is a category of furnishings known in the art world as “studio furniture”, which signifies furniture handcrafted by a talented artisan and worthy of being shown in a gallery.  This does not necessarily mean that the studio furniture has no functionality, although in many instances this is the reality. In these cases, these pieces become sculptures, a part of an art collection, something  to look at, but never to utilize. Finding the perfect marriage of

furniture that merits being in a gallery exhibit, and yet can become an exquisite piece in your interiors, is a real score.  Such it is with the work of GARY MAGAKIS.

It was definitely love at first sight when I was introduced to MAGAKIS’ work by a dear associate of mine from SNYDERMAN-WORKS GALLERIES  in Philadelphia, Rick SnydermanRick knows just about everything there is to know about gorgeous studio furniture, as he has made a career of exhibiting only the best and finest in this genre of artisans. Needless to say, MAGAKIS exhibits his work at Snyderman’s gallery.

GARY MAGAKIS is a metal artist who uses his exceptional talent  to make stunning furniture. I had the good fortune to meet him last year at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show…see, I told you there are always super gems and talented artisans at the show!.( see NOW IN THE CENTER ARENA: ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST HOME DESIGN SHOW  )

His inspiration for his latest work, called the “Landscape Series,” was his vision of mountains and valleys in a region of Pennsylvania, which , in turn, became the design on the doors of his bronze cabinets.  He uses  bronze and steel with slash marks made from grinders and then adds gorgeous metal patinas to bring out the beauty of the materials.

According to MAGAKIS, his work is inspired by “…ancient oriental metal arts, modern sculpture, and the American Handmade Movement.” Trained as a sculpture, and with a depth of experience at numerous metal fabrication and foundry shops, he likens his work to a ‘dance’ between himself and the metal he is using to create his work.



All of his work is excellent. Aside from his cabinets, I particularly adore his lamps (floor and table) and his cleverly designed small tables. I think when it comes to exceptional talent, GARY MAGAKIS deserves a big round of applause for creating enchanting furniture.  My clients love his work, and I am sure you will too.