So I am really a lucky so ‘n so because my office is right across the street from the fabuloso store DDC.  You might remember me mentioning them before (see post) as they are my go-to source when I want to know what is happening in the world of modern furniture.  Every time I walk into their store I am entertained with new product and outrageously gorgeous design. So often when boredom strikes…yes it does happen, even to the best of us…I  pick myself up and tool on over to their showroom for a little dezign  pick me up.

The last time I stepped into the store I had the great fortune to run into Lorenzo Arosio, the owner of Glas Italia. He was standing in front of the most outrageous, totally glass table created by the Spanish furniture designer Patricia Urquoila. It is appropriately called Crossing , and it stopped me dead in my tracks. FYI I plan to write more about Urquoila  in a later post as her design work is superb.

Thanks to my dear friend Babak Hakakian, the owner of DDC, I was quickly introduced to Lorenzo and had the opportunity to talk with him about how they made this beautiful table.  I’m feeling lucky again!

 BTW,  Glas Italia is the Italian company which is renown for making glass furnishings par excellence and has produced many amazing pieces for such big wigs as Piero Lissoni, Jasper Morrison, Ettore Sottass and Jean-Marie Massaud. They hand craft just about any type of furniture you could think of out of glass, all superlative pieces that  are sure to add just that  modern, unexpected “zsazs” to any home or office. There is no doubt that these glass furnishings definitely push the imagination into that ooh and aah zone.

Urquiola’s table is composed of two pieces of laminated  tempered transparent extralight crystal glass with a unique 3D multicolored decoration. As you look at the table from different angles the colors interplay with each other producing different graphic effects. The bases repeat the color patterns of the top and interact with the perception of the design on the top of the table. The end result is magical and appears like a table made of “glass cards” all executing a balancing act. Simply wonderful, simply delightful!

I have to also sing the praises about the two Mid Century modern chairs juxtaposed next to the table, as they are the best, best, best! They are one-of-a-kind  chairs produced by the Italian furniture company Baxter in super-duper fabric combinations that make them little ‘dezign starlets’. So if you stop in there and one of these beauties catches your eye, best to scoop it up right away as it is sure to be gone at your next visit.

Okay, now that you are thoroughly in love with this marvelous table I know your first impulse is to consider it as a dining room table. My take is that it just might make the most terrific desk in a private office…maybe yours…or mine? Hmmmm…….