Remember my credo that wild and wonderful is all around and you just have to reach out for it? So here I am at the DESIGNER BLOG CONFERENCE 2012 in Los Angeles

(where one goes to learn how to become the best , #1 interesting, most highly creative, exceptionally socially connected blogger on the Internet)  standing with HARDY WALLACE.

 HARDY  is a highly entertaining speaker about the ups and downs and ins and outs of  transforming oneself from an ordinary  talented  person into an engaging wine  entrepreneur and also the creator of a blog with thousands of followers.  Within minutes after meeting him I totally understood why the quantum leap forward.  Not only is he extremely charming, but he is 100% real and authentic, and filled with humorous stories that flow uninterrupted from his mouth one after the other.

And then there is his out there on a limb wine company, DIRTY AND ROWDY FAMILY WINE COMPANYthe name alone rings of HARDY’S  infectious sense of humor…where with his partner  in crime,  MATT RICHARDSON , aka ROWDY,  he produces microscopic single vineyard Mourvèdre and Semillon wines.  I am quite sure the wine is not dirty, but delicious and fragrant, as HARDY, aka DIRTY, is seriously serious about wine production, despite his humorous bent.  As he says, “Micro-whozit?”

Okay, so why was  HARDY WALLACE  invited to speak at DESIGN BLOG CONFERENCE 2012?  Well, for one good reason, he is great at self promotion, and a whiz kid at using social media for his own benefit.  If you have a moment check out his original YouTube video,            “A Really Goode Wine Application” , which is worthy of a mini- Oscar! And then there is his super fine blog, DIRTY SOUTH WINE.COM, which has a devoted following of thousands , and will keep you up to date (and laughing) about his vineyards and the wine industry in California according to HARDY.

Okay folks, bring on the 2010 Dirty and Rowdy Santa Barbara Highlands Mourvèdre…I am definitely ready!