Isn’t it simply beautiful?  I am head over heels in love with this exquisite chair called the OAK LEAF CHAIR from VILLIERS BROTHERS in England. It’s got everything going for it: uniqueness, style, artistic originality, a ‘tres chic’ appearance, cleverness….I could go on and on!  I originally saw a pair of them on either side of a fireplace on the cover of the premier issue of LUXE magazine and started drooling immediately. The interior designer, Lynn Scalo, had used them  as an edgy touch to her contemporary design in a house in Greenwich,Connecticut.  Now for those of you who are familiar with Greenwich , Connecticut, putting a pair of chairs with such a high style look in a living room is definitely pushing the envelope…and I love that!



Villiers Brothers is  a twenty year old company that puts a new twist on many old favorites. This offbeat interpretation of furnishings takes a bit of the convention out of a traditional interior, but adds ten times more dezign interest.The company claims that they take great pride in each piece of furniture they create…key word, here…and are always seeking innovation and artistry in their visions.

Their are only two chairs in the entire line…very telling information… and this is one of them.  I comes in three finishes: polished nickel, antique gold and white gloss. My favorite is the polished nickel, but I don’t think you could go wrong with any of the “flavors.” , each having its own bent:  the white gloss is more mundane and practical looking, the antique gold fits in better in traditional settings, and the polished nickel coordinates extremely well in contemporary spaces.

Put the Oak Leaf chair around  a card table or occasional dining table.  Make it a desk chair or vanity chair.  Put it by itself in a foyer entrance for just that whimsical touch to lighten up a dull space. This little lady will shine wherever she is!  This is a perfect example of just that piece of furniture that will add a touch of zsazs to your room.

AND, for those doubting Thomases who don’t think this chair is so hot, here is the picture from the LUXE magazine cover. Now tell me, aren’t those two chairs around the fireplace simply devine?

Ciao, ciao ’til next time!