I read a cool article about the company Hermes, manufacturers of the ultimate in luxury brand goods, which put a  big smile on  my face. Hermes came out about a year ago with a new line called PETIT h. The purpose of this line, according to Pascale Mussard, a member of the Hermes family, is to put to use leftover and rejected scraps of leather and silk or defective pieces of crystal and china, and re-purpose them into objects for sale.  In some cases this may mean a one of a kind object, and in other instances it may mean a limited quantity of a particular item.



The concept is brilliant!  Imagine having your very own coffee cup holder made out of crocodile leather from Hermes?  I mean talk about a status symbol.  But also talk about the reuse of materials to create new products, rather than simply tossing them into the garbage.


The products range from jig-saw puzzles to a giant panda…only one of that baby…and the prices range from $40 to $100,000.  The are basically new and unique objects Hermes is producing by incorporating their talent and resources, utilizing “leftovers,” and then creating an object of value and desire…or as I read some place, “upstyling.” Could this possibly become a new trend???  I’ll definitely have to keep my eyes and ears open.

You can only purchase these objects when Hermes decides to make them available at one of their locations.  This last month the New York City store  featured the PETIT h line for three weeks, and people who sought the objects out ahead of the New York sale were denied access. If you missed the New York City sale, you can go on line to  HERMES where they offer 2 items at a time for sale, but only in conjunction with a Petit h exhibit at one of their stores internationally.

I suppose we have to consider this recycling on the highest level…even if it is a bit of a backwards twist underneath it all, it still makes great sense ecologically, and without a doubt , business-wise. In the end, I think we should give the people at Hermes a big thumbs up for cleverness and intelligence in both their marketing and production.  And, if you want to participate in the ultimate recycling project, here is your opportunity!



*photographs  by Benjamin Bouchet and others.