Last Friday, myself and my associate, Daniel Vanhall, installed an exciting window display at the HOUSING WORKS Chelsea Thrift Shop, located at 143 West 17th Street in NYC, as part of their BEST OF FALL Designers Window series. With the cooperation of many of our interior design sources … whom we are extremely grateful to for their generousity…we put together an eclectic display of furnishings and fabrics to titillate the eye.

The great news is that these furnishings (as well as many others being featured in the windows at several of their other locations in the city) are available at an online auction sponsored by HOUSING WORKS. As this event lasts only two weeks GO IMMEDIATELY to your computer and put your bid in on what catches your eye… I guarantee you the opportunity to pick up some wonderful bargains!!!

Here are some of the “great gets” in our window that you should definitely consider bidding on if you are looking for something wonderful for your home….

Koosuke IRKT Ikeda : Painting/ “Ambivalent”.

This bold painting in bright pink and yellow and white, with a central figure of a man with a rabbit mask on his face, is fanciful and intelligent. The originality and the strenth of this painting is evident when viewed first hand. For that reason we made it one of the central pieces in our window.

High Style Deco: Cuban Mahagany Vanity.

This exceptional vanity is in perfect condition. I particularly like the design because it is not only beautiful and true to its period, but highly functional. It would be really lovely in a woman’s bedroom or dressing room.

Artistic Frame: Orange Upholstered Chair.

This small contemporary chair is of the perfect proportions for use not only at a desk or vanity, but in a kitchen. It’s size belies it’s comfort, and there is nothing better than a small chair…in orange velvet, no less…that is both comfortable and chic.

MSK Illuminations: Edge Chandelier.

I paticularly love when modern lighting spoofs traditional lighting. This chrome beauty’s attempt at mimicking a 3 D circular chandelier in 2D is totally successful…plus it gives off a great amount of light!

Paul H. Lee Carpets: Python Carpeting

I have yet to come across an animal print carpeting I don’t adore, and this new interpretation is now ‘número uno’ in my book. It’s low key brown and white figuring executed in a flat pile is a winner either as wall to wall or as an area rug. AND if you make a rug, try using a bright color contrasting binding around it like we did in the window ( we used a bright red! ).

Lobel Modern: Red Lucite Floor Lamp, 1970’s

The dramatic red lucite floor lamp speaks for itself as an outstanding contemporary piece of lighting. I think a sleak red light like this belongs anywhere and everywhere!

J.Edlin Interiors: Upholstered Bench

This bench was found amongst some unclaimed furniture in their showroom tucked on top of a pile of  ‘orphaned ottomans’, and was just begging to be rescued. Undoubtedly, the beautiful Zimmer + Rohde fabric and the lacquered purple legs did just that!

Anthony Lawrence Belfair: Fabric Walls

The fabric walls were the ultimate luxury touch in this installation. Putting a rich fabric on a wall can reinvent the worst of spaces! Note the touch of simulating base and crown mouldings by using a contrasting fabric!

Zimmer + Rohde Fabrics: All Fabrics

The richness and beauty of these fabrics speak for themselves.

Other Notable Art and Objects:

Kevin McDermott: Pigment Print, “Up”

Gustavo Monroy: Photograph, “Orange Boy”

Crispin Sheridan: Print, ” Fixed Willow”

Anthony Vita: Painting, “Reading Chair Revisited”

Las Venus Antiques: Edelstein White Flower Bowl

Incidentally, for those of you not in the Housing Works loop… it is a fantastic organization that raises money for people with HIV/Aids. Their numerous stores in Manhattan are chock-a-full with furnishings, clothing, and just about anything you could imagine, that they sell at a fraction of the original value. Great BANG FOR THE BUCK!

Rumor has it that one should not miss the event at the Chelsea Thrift Store which takes place on September 6th! This is when they bring out valuable and unique items that they have been saving for a one night grand sale. But get there early, as the lines start forming way before they open the doors, and you may just lose out on that piece you just “gotta have!”

Ciao, ciao ’til next time!