This is almost embarrassing. And I shout it loud and clear: I am not a hoarder! But what’s a girl to do if she is just obsessed with beautiful fabrics?

THE NITTY-GRITTY: So here I show you the famous “Wall of Fabrics” in my office. Not to be confused with other famous walls, e.g., the Wailing Wall, the Great Wall of China, the Wall we hit every now and then, etc.. This is the real McCoy when it comes to a designer’s fabric selection/collection in her office. This is the bread and butter she serves up to her clients.

THE PROBLEM: You say to yourself, this looks a tad messy and disorganized. It really isn’t for me….I know where everything is and what every fabric looks like and what company it comes from. I’m paid to know that…it’s part of my expertise. However, at the suggestion of my office, who very subtly gave me a P-Touch for Christmas, I am about to reorganize my fabulous wall so that everyone in the office can be happy…I am a very sympathetic boss.

THE PART I LOVE: I can’t wait to purge the fabrics I no longer adore….and recycle them back to the D&D Building or one of the dezign schools in the city…and also to rediscover some gems I have forgotten about.

THE PART I HATE: Unfortunately, my wall needs constant tending, but today I am elevating the organizational quotient by using my lovely label maker, the P-Touch .Thank you Brother for inventing this little gem of a tool  and thank you Staples for  being conveniently located right around the corner.

INSIDE INFO: Every designer organizes fabrics differently. My style is pretty simple: All the fabrics from a company go together on a shelf and then are sorted by color.

Exceptions To the Rule…you knew I would make this complicated: 1) all animal skin ( unreal or faux) are piled together. 2) All sheers for draperies are piled together by color 3) all metallics are piled together. These categories are strictly arbitrary, and probably have to do with the way my gray matter works on the left side of my brain, but than, so much of Dezign is like that!

QUICK RULE: Always commandeer someone else in your office to do this with you and make sure he/ she is a good folder…and has a good sense of humor, and likes to make runs for snacks and water.

PROOF OF THE PUDDING: Here is a short video of ME tackling this monumental task….note the humor, the OMG’s, the glee!

FINAL RESULTS: Feeling good, and well organized, and ready to take on the world with my P-Touch!!!!

NEXT JOB: Tackling the great stuff I have stored away in this fantastique 1875 French armoire in my office. Don’t ask what’s in there! But that’s for another day…

Hope you enjoyed this little adventure into my private dezign world!