Okay… maybe that’s not entirely true, BUT I am a nut when it comes to chairs. Clever and unusual chairs are like sculptures to me. You do remember that wonderful antler chair I wrote about??? That makes my heart sing!

So now I am going to treat you to a symphony of totally off-the-chart chairs I saw in this fabulous art furniture store  in Milano called Dilmos , that will tickle your fancy and convert you into a ‘chairaholic’ like me for sure!  When I walked into this  store, I whipped out the camera and clicked away immediately!


The creativity and ingenuity is through the roof…ah, the Italians recognize IT when it comes to furniture design. The chair at the top of this post was the Best-of-the-Best…Designed by the design team of Fernando Campana and Leonardo Campana ( Fratelli Campana), from Brazil...they are hot and heavy on the prime time show of “what is the what ” in current contemporary furniture design.  You really have to take your hat off to them for even thinking about creating a chair out of stuffed animals…incidentally, and quite correctly called, Teddy Bear Chair. Plus it is extremely cozy to sit in.  They are also responsible for the chair to the right, called  Sushi Chair IV…simply adore that name too!   Just to keep things on an even keel for the Italians, the multi-colored Poltrono Chair made of silicon…..which feels divine when you sit in it…..is by Alessandro Ciffo, and the Nido Chair by Andrea Salvetti is made entirely of anodized aluminum wire…the two ostrich eggs being just a little touch of humor, but absolutely perfect for the display.

I realize these chairs are not your ordinary  comfy- cozy couch potato variety .  However, I’ve  given them all A+ for comfort, although I will admit the “Stone” stool was not for everyone. And truly these are works of art…chair-sculptures. They are meant to make you think out of the chair- box...if you are unfortunate enough to be in one! I  really can see them doing  a great solo act in a room furnished with a mix of antiques and cool contemporary pieces.  Mostly, and primarily, what I want you to  appreciate is the ingenuity and uniqueness of the design…way out there and wonderful!


Now you just have to get up the courage to put one in your home!

Ciao, ciao ’til Monday!