I must first state that I am not a color fashionista when it comes to interiors. In my mind, there are zillions of marvelous colors…okay maybe only millions…that make interiors magically sing. However, over the last few months I have been inundated by shelter magazines shouting about PINK! And, since we are now dealing with one of my favorite flavors in the world this is cause for me to jump on the color bandwagon and serve up some of my favorite PINK delights.


PINK is one of the yummy colors: too much of it is just as good as a touch here and there. Now you can’t say that for every color.
Both Interior Design and House Beautiful … a bit of the yin and yang of shelter magazines….recently featured covers highlighting PINK. Take a look:









Bubble gum pink  walls! Pink is sexy….love it!!!  Just adore the fuscia chairs and touches of pink flavors scattered throughout.

And how about these PINK delights that I have seen recently in design magazines:


Rosy PINKS and whimsical traditional furniture look delightful together. Check out the flashes of purple flowers and accessories…a little magical touch!

In this transitional dining room PINK is the spark that cheers up the furnishings …and the guests!

Simply mad for the deep blue greens and citrusy yellows…and a PINK  fireplace…yowee!!! This room is a little retro-funky, homey and comfy looking…three great qualities in design.


Didn’t know PINK was so hot in Morocco but I love the mix…feeds right into my eclectic soul.

Okay are you getting into the swing of PINK??? Its pretty, sexy, powerful , bold, and gorgeous when done right. And forget that old wives tale about what is masculine and what is feminine … Have you not seen the successful men’s store on Madison Avenue called PINK? Besides , in my opinion, the favorite men in my life all have a highly developed feminine side… And are not one bit intimidated by PINK!  Hey, even a contractor I work with was wearing a pink striped shirt with his pale lavender sweater… Talk about total confidence in one’s masculinity !

Ciao, ciao ’til Monday!